Dear  South Metro Area Women ,

You are going to be entertained, educated and empowered on Saturday, February 8th at 9am, AND you'll help raise money for a wonderful and worthy cause, 360 Communities.

Let me tell you all about it.  "How To Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever" will be an exciting, life-changing event you don't want to miss!

My name is Erik Peacock and I'm widely regarded as the leading fitness expert in the south metro (I'm not really comfortable saying that about myself - it sounds too much like bragging - but you need to know the facts so we can establish some trust).
How Can we Make this your Best Year Ever?

Our "Make this Your Best Year Ever" is a life-changing event, with the help and guidance from five of Lakeville's most respected experts in the fields of health, fitness, nutrition and personal care, you will discover the most up-to-date, effective and sure-fire solutions you can use right now to

And While Helping Yourself...

You Can Also Help 360 Communities for The Lewis House A Shelter For Battered Women

Admission is a minimum donation of  $10.00 with every penny going to 360 Communities.

A representative from the 360 Communities will personally collect your donation at the door.  You pay nothing now to register.            

Twelve Reasons To Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever" Is THE Event You Don't Want To Miss!

. Over $500 in valuable door prizes will be given away...but only to attendees!

2. You will discover the weight loss, nutrition and body transformation secrets 'they' don't want you to know!  (We will share the inside story about who 'they' are at the event - because you need to know!)

3. Four of Lakeville's most respected health experts will reveal their absolute best information - empowering you
to take charge of your health, fitness and appearance like never before!

4. Every penny of your $10 admission donation goes toward supporting essential programs in the community.

5. New Year's resolutions are worthless without a solid action plan for achieving them - you will get THE PLAN here!

6. You will leave the
event armed with tools, tactics and techniques for quickly reclaiming your body, eliminating pain, getting control over your nutrition, boosting your energy, speeding up your metabolism, improving your sleep, and much more!

7. Ever wonder abou
t those super-healthy and fit people you see around town, maybe on your street? Now you can know what they know.

If you are confused by the fitness gadgets, diets, pre-packaged meal plans, health club offerings, the carbohydrate 'thing', low and high glycemic foods, how much protein, which vitamins, and on and on, like many people I speak with, won't be anymore!

9. Finally - all the real answers you've been searching for
revealed to you, by the most knowledgeable experts, all in one fun place on one motivating evening!

10.My hand-picked group of health experts and I understand what you need. We have helped thousands of Lakeville area residents just like you, and we are genuinely, sincerely ready to help you, too.

11. It's FREE - just a minimum $10 donation to the 360 Communities gives you access to all this.


"How To Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever!"

The title was chosen precisely because of the BIG PROMISE it implies.  When you come to our 2-hour event on Saturday, February 8th.  I guarantee you will discover simple, proven steps you can take right now to make 2014 the absolute best year of your life so far.

In fact, when you see all that we have for you, I am confident you will be excited because finally, the health, fitness, nutrition and personal care answers you've been searching for, hoping for and dreaming about will be given to you.

All we ask is that you make a minimum $10 tax-deductible donation to the 360 Communities at the door and you will receive a receipt. 
Help Yourself AND Help Others!

A Win / Win proposition, right?  
I am convinced you'll agree this event is a big winner all the way around and you will want to register now

Bring Your Family & Friends!

They will thank you for telling them about "How To Make 2014 Your Best year Ever!"  This will be a fun event that's perfect for everyone you know (over 15 years of age) interested in transforming their bodies, eliminating pain, losing weight, putting an end to 'yo-yo' dieting, or just generally (and remarkably) improving their health and appearance.
You Are Not Alone Anymore!

I know from the experience of working with hundreds of south metro area women just how difficult it can be to get the life-changing health and fitness results you want by yourself.  My clients have told me their stories of frustration and repeated failure trying to 'go it alone.'  It doesn't have to be that way!  What you need more than anything is the right information and a solid, workable plan that leads to success.    That's precisely what you're going to get at "How To Make 2014 Your Best year Ever!"

I've brought together the 'Best of the Best' Lakeville health and fitness experts.  They are all acclaimed local professionals who are 100% committed  to helping people like you.  We are all eager to share what we know with you.  We want to do everything possible to empower the members of our community with proven strategies for success.

Don't Let Another Year Go By Wishing And Hoping For Change

Life's too short for that.  We can help you, starting right now. Just fill in your name and email address on the form on this page and you will receive instant access to your $190 in gifts.  We have perfected proven systems for change that you need to know about. No more fad gimmicks or wasted time, effort and money trying to improve your health and appearance.  Just the information and the specific plan of action you need to "Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever!

You've read this far, which tells me you have a sincere interest in improving your health starting now. That's good, because it means you're ready to reclaim the feelings of confidence and pride in the way you look, the energy of your youth, the romance, the personal power, the vitality and vigor that you deserve.  It's all here for you, right now. With just the click of a button, it can be yours.

Register now by completing the form below.  I look forward to meeting you at "How To Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever!!"

Erik Peacock

What Lakeville Area Residents Are Saying About Our Team Of Experts

SPACE IS LIMITED: Please Register Now Even If Uncertain Whether You Can Attend - Better Safe Than Sorry. Registering Does NOT Obligate You To Attend, But It Does Guarantee You Admission If You Can Attend. PLUS, Receive $190 In Valuable Free Gifts Just For Registering Today!
Accept the Lakeville Challenge And Discover...
How To Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever!!
A  Womens' Wellness Event
Saturday February 8th from 9am - 11am
The Details

"How To Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever" will be held on Saturday, February 8th from 9am to 11am.  Two of the most important, fun, engaging and trans-formative hours  of your life.

The event will take place at: Lakeville Chart House 11287 Klamath Trail Lakeville, Minnesota (plenty of free parking) We'll email you specific driving directions after you register.

After submitting your registration request using the form on this site, you will receive a CONFIRMATION EMAIL listing all the specifics for the event (location, date, time, directions, etc.) so you don't have to write anything down now.

Questions about this website or this event should be directed to:

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Val Schonberg MS, RDN, CSSD, LD

Val Schonberg is a Registered, Licensed Dietitian who specializes in weight management, sports nutrition, disease specific nutrition; and, emotional and disordered eating. She is a board certified specialist in sports dietetics and a well-regarded clinical dietitian, nutrition therapist, and vibrant public speaker in the nutrition field.

Erik Peacock  Personal Trainer

"Five easy steps  to transform your body and your life"

Erik has worked in the fitness field for over 17 years. He holds four national accredited personal training certifications from NASM,NSCA, and Z-health performance.  He has helped hundreds of south metro women reach their fitness goals. He owns Puravida Fitness a private fitness studio located in Lakeville, Minnesota


Ashlee Secord is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Thrive Therapy. In addition to working one on one with individuals, couples and families, she has extensive training and experience in working with families of children with autism. Ashlee offers free workshops, consultation, support groups, training, and education from her office in Burnsville, MN.

Ashlee’s theory is founded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Put simply, she approaches her clients with the foundation that all thoughts, feelings and actions have a function, a purpose. There is a reason behind what we think, feel and say. 


Lori Williams Yoga Therapist I.A.Y.T.

Managing Pain and Inflammation. Learn the "pain bomb" recipe made up of strong, medicinal, safe & effective doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Dr Tom Schmidt, Chiropractor

Minnesota Chiropractic Association, American Chiropractic Association, Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner, Associate Clinical Faculty of Northwestern Health Sciences University, since 2000, Certified level 2 Graston practitioner. Married to high school sweetheart 16 years, lives in Elko MN, 5 children,