"Puravida Fitness Hold It For The Holidays Program
Introducing The Holiday Survival Challenge
Most of us face a major challenge that starts at the end of October and runs all the way to January: How to avoid the holiday weight gain.

First Halloween candy comes out, and not just for one night.  The extras stay around on the counters, at the office, everywhere we go.  Even if you aren't normally a candy and sweets person, it is difficult to resist the temptation.

Next up is Thanksgiving.  What is intended to be a time to reflect on our blessings and all we have turns into a 4-day food fest. Home-cooking followed by left-overs, and left-overs, and more left-overs. 

After Thanksgiving the holiday parties start.  We have parties, our friends have parties, there are office parties.  Food and more food, and it is usually not fresh fruit and veggie trays.

By the time January first rolls around, we are rolling a little bit more too.  We've eaten our way through the holidays and are now carrying a few extra pounds and a whole lot of guilt. 

It doesn't have to be that way!  Make this the year that you actually lose weight and get in better shape over the holiday season. At Puravida Fitness we'll design a plan to make it happen!

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Make this the Holiday Season that you actually LOSE weight, get in great shape and don't have to set a New Year's Resolution!!
2 Private Training Sessions ($120 Value) Let our team of professionals help you fine-tune your program to meet your individual goals and needs.  The guidance and accountability from your own private fitness coach is truly a manor factor in the success of this program.

10-Group Training Sessions($275 value)Our group trainings tone the whole body while cranking up the metabolism to help you burn off extra calories during the holidays

Nutritional Gameplan Session
($131 Value Accelerated Plan Only) Let one of our  coaches and design and realistic and effective eating regimen that allows you to enjoy the holidays while maintaining a healthy weight so you can hit the new year with some great momentum. We also include our special hold it for the holidays nutrition bundle to help keep you on track during the busyness of the holiday season.

1 Month Membership To Puravida Fitness
($25 value)

Need somewhere to work out where there are no demanding children and other distractions. Come and use our gym for the holidays.

Unlimited email coaching

Our coaches will help you stay accountable and on track week to week so you have a game plan to help you navigate through the holiday season

Accelerated Results Package =$199 Includes training and nutrition help(value $526)

Standard Package=$99 Includes training only
(value $420)

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